jailbreak ipod 4 discussion

Synchronization application Synchronization application Selecting the application and in accordance with their own preferences arrangement is completed, click on the bottom right corner of iTunes "sync" button to begin importing the application to the iPhone. itunes how to sync contacts In the "sync contacts" feature current device "Information" tab, only from Outlook, Google Contacts, Windows Contacts, or Yahoo contact these four locations, the address book sync to your phone. Synchronize contacts Synchronize contacts In fact, when connected to iTunes after each sync iPhone for the first time, will automatically be backed up jailbreak ipod 4 . That is, if your iPhone has been attached to a computer to synchronize repeatedly, only the first sync will automatically be backed up. During the backup, you can always click on the Close button to synchronize the status bar to cancel synchronization. Cancel sync Restore from backup Restore from backup When you do not accidentally delete the iPhone in the above, you can use the backup to restore the last. Right-click on the device name Device column, select "Restore from Backup" in the dialog box, select the records you want to restore. Similarly, if you need a manual backup, select the menu "backup." iTunes is based backup recording device to identify each device only keep a backup record, that is, the same device after the backup, will replace the previous contents of each swap. Backup records in the "Edit" menu, "Preferences" option in the "Device" column to find the view.